Pokemon Let’s Go!

This game is so nostalgic! It has brought me back to my very first Pokemon games the red and the yellow! I remember in 5th grade we would play our Gameboys at recess and link them up with the wire to do battles! Wow that was so long ago!

So if you are a Pokemon fan, you will definitely love Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee! I have got myself the Eevee version and apparently, I am in the 10% that got a female Eevee as my partner! She is super cute! The graphics are absolutely stunning. And I love the details they went into with the attacks/ battles!

My favourite way to play is with my pokeball controller. It has a joystick that you use to walk your character around, you can press the joystick in to confirm options, and you have another button to press as the back/cancel button. This controller also links up with Pokemon Go which makes it even more awesome. I love to take my Pokemon out for walks to get them to level up.

If you are a Pokemon fan I would say 100% get this game. It is a lot of fun! If you have never played any Pokemon games, it would be a good one to start on. Just don’t blame me if you get addicted to it like I have.

Here are some videos I have taken!


Thankful for everything!

I am thankful for everything I have been through, no matter how bad, I wouldn’t be the person today if I didn’t go through what I did. It has made me a kinder and more understanding person. I think empathy and the ability to truly listen are some of the most important things you can learn in life. Our time is short in life, we need to be kind and help people who are suffering. Everyone deserves a bit of happiness! 🙂

Relaxing wins!

Relaxing wins!

I did exactly what I set out to do over the weekend, and that is relax. I had an extremely stressful week last week, that sucked. But I am glad I took the time to realize I am being hard on myself and sometimes I need to stop pushing myself to do so much.

I got plenty of rest this weekend. I hardly had much sleep last week. I felt like a zombie every-day. So, I went to be early, and slept in, and also took a bunch of naps throughout the day. Even Harley my kittie joined me for some nap sessions!

I played video games, something I like to do to fun and to clear my head. It seems that some of the settings were changed again. But instead of sniping the entire time, I tried out other weapons. Plus, it was double points on BO4!

Baths, yes, I had a few bubble baths this weekend. I had to let my muscles relax and have a good soak. I also did a hair mask, so my hair is looking, feeling and smelling amazing!

Eat, I am pretty good with the foods I eat. I don’t eat too much junk food. And I don’t eat a lot of food or have tons of snacks. People like to comment that my meal size is small, and I am like hey I am a 12-year old’s body before a growth spurt. If you don’t understand that it means I am super short. So, I have less energy that my body needs for fuel, so I am not going to eat the same as someone almost 6ft tall! I did have a few extra snacks last night, and that was find, I was good all weekend and I went gym this morning.

I feel I have a clear head today. This makes me feel really good. I don’t feel stressed, and I am not feeling hormonal like last week! And it feels nice when I take care of my body and give it what it needs. Recovery is very important, and I need to work more on this! Anyone else push themselves too hard?


Dear Mom,

I hope you are proud of me. I hope you are happy of all of my accomplishments. I hope that I am everything you wanted me to be and more. I hope I am kind and bring joy to those who need it.

I hope you are not disappointment in me. I hope you aren’t sad that I am not farther in my career by now. I hope you aren’t mad that I moved across the ocean for a man that I love. I hope you aren’t mad that I need space from all of the bullshit I was up against back home. I had no one that would listen, they would just shove their opinions of me on me and onto other people. They never spoke to me who was going through it all. Anytime I spoke up for myself, I was just talked over. I did not matter there. I hope you are not mad that I had to go away.

I hope you are proud that I am with someone that cares for me. He takes good care of me when I am sick. And he has an open mind, he talks to me and listens to me about things nobody else would. He helps me through my problems without throwing labels on me without investigating. He does his research and is logical. I haven’t met too many people like that in my life. It is really hard to find someone who understands you have an autoimmune disease and everything that goes with it. So, I hope you aren’t mad at me.

I miss you every day of my life. I miss you smiling, laughing and telling stories. I miss your amazing cooking and our random trips to the mall. I miss that you were always supporting of me and thought that I would find my way. But I am not sure if I have or not anymore. Thanks for standing up to me when I was bullied by teachers. Thanks for being the most amazing role model for me to learn to become an amazing woman myself.

I get jealous mom. I get jealous of everyone who has a mom still alive. I watch these people to see their joy. Some people get to work with their moms and or live with their moms. These relationships are beautiful to watch. It is nice to see how much pride other moms have in their daughters or sons. I also love hearing the advice other moms give. I know it isn’t your advice, but I do listen closely for it.

Since you have been gone, I never thought my life would have turned out the way it has. I really struggled the first few years with you being gone. I still struggle, but in different ways. I never thought I would be living abroad, married, and working with so many amazing people. I have traveled more than I ever thought possible. I didn’t think I had a future once you passed. I didn’t think I would do anything with my life. I got my college degree that you always dreamed of. Everyone said I need to go to university and get my degree. So, I know you are proud of that. I am proud of that too. It was nice to learn something I was passionate about.

Right now, I wish I could give you a huge hug. Thanks for all the lessons you taught me in life. I hope if you exist in some shape or form in the universe or heaven or wherever that you are looking down on me and pointing me in the right direction. I hope that the next stages of my life I will be able to experience true happiness. I have had a lot of loss and pain, but since I’ve had that early, lets make the rest of it amazing! Hugs


One thing I would tell my younger self.

One thing I would tell my younger self.

If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be to have confidence. I am really good at talking myself down out of something if I don’t think I deserve it. Maybe that is why I never went to school to be a doctor, speech pathologist, or special ed teacher. I questioned being a nurse, physicist or mechanical engineer for a while too.

To go back to school and end up in a career that maybe I won’t like after all the years of study. But the problem is how will I know if I never try. If I have my current degree, then I can get more degrees, if I want to put the time and effort into it.

People think I have a lot of confidence, but I am not so sure about that. It is not like I am working a super respectable career. I am at an entry level position and have been since entering the real-world work force since getting my degree. Sometimes I feel extremely embarrassed to tell people about my job, as they don’t think much of people in my role. But there are plenty of people out there that do respect my role. If it didn’t exist companies would have a hard time operating. There is a lot of people that just want to do work, and not be involved with other people while they work. So, my role has importance there.

A lot of times I don’t feel like I have a future. Since graduating my degree has been useless. I was told it went out in the 80s. But reading recently it seems to be a degree that is going to be making a comeback. But do I even want to pursue a master’s in it.

There was a time in life I used to be able to make really good decisions. I could make important decisions with the information and have reasons of why it works and why it doesn’t. Then I started hanging out with people that could not make even the simplest of decisions. I think it was everyone was just trying to be polite, so everyone would just say they didn’t know and ask the other person. Nobody wants to pick something that everyone will hate doing.

So instead of talking myself out of things, I need to just go for it. I need to be confident I can do it, if I am not able to do something, I can learn. Does anyone else out there think they aren’t good enough?


Ready for a relaxing weekend!

Honestly, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I’ve had a stressful week and learned a lot of bad news. Prayers are needed for a few different families I know as they have lost loved ones. So this weekend I am not going to be hard on myself. To all of my family and friends I love you all.

This weekend I am going to take care of myself. I am goimg to let my mind unwind from everything. I just want to eat a lot of food, cuddle with the cat, play video games and take long bubble baths! Hahha (And of course enjoy the company of my wonderful husband!)

Life is short so enjoy it while you still can.

What is everyone else planning this weekend?