Taking TFL with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Red Flag!

Imagine being in so much pain that you feel a chainsaw on fire is going through your body and that your bowels are going to open at any given moment which you have just about absolutely no control over them. Imagine a bunch off strangers rushing by and bumping into you while this is happening. Imagine going up or down an escalator doing everything to keep your bowels in with the person behind you and in front of you figitting and bumping into you. Imagine the people rushing down the side smacking into you with their body, briefcase, purse or backpack. Can you understand how much more stress this adds to the situation than already feeling like your have explosive bloody diarrhea that you are trying to keep inside your colon. TFL makes the experience a lot more anxiety causing than it should be by not having a toilet accessible to the public.

Taking TFL (Transport For London) with Inflammatory Bowel Disease is an absolute nightmare! There aren’t even public toilets at every station! And they used to charge in some stations for people to use their toilets which should be considered a crime! You would think by 2019 that this wouldn’t be an issue. They have more than enough money that they are raking in to solve this problem!

I’ve been on so many trains in Europe that have toilets on them. I think the underground trains should have toilets on board. Should someone with explosive bloody diarrhea really have to shit their own pants because they have no access to a toilet? Let alone get of a train walk ages during a transfer and still never go past a toilet. I really think it is poor management and laziness that this hasn’t been done.

Also it is disgusting that every station isn’t up to standards for dealing with elderly and other disabilities. My best friend still won’t plan a trip to London as it is not wheelchair friendly on the underground for her. The stations we need don’t offer a elevator for. It is unfair she would need a car and would miss out on the ease that the underground is supposed to bring. I just think London needs to look at the systems Asia has in place to learn how to build a proper train station to suit all of its passengers. I’ve never had these problems in Japan or Hong Kong. Staff always has a ramp ready to get their wheelchair passengers on and off the train. It is really organized and the trains actually run on time over there.

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4 thoughts on “Taking TFL with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Red Flag!

      1. Department for transport are just as bad they make the rules on blue badges. I like up north and I applied recently under the hidden disabilities and I got declined and they said due to incontinence and I should get myself a cant wait card. Like I don’t already own one. Equality isn’t even a thing for us with a hidden disabilities


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