Pokemon Sword & Shield is Awesome!


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Pokemon Sword and Shield are awesome!!!! I have gone with the sword version as a friend has gone with the shield version!

The game play through is a lot of fun and because I haven’t played Pokemon for a while there are a lot of new Pokemons to me. I absolutely love playing raids with my friends. It is so nice to play with my friends all over the world!

The only bit I was sad about is that they didn’t keep the pokeball interactive from my Pokemon Lets go Pikachu/Eevee game. You can use the pokeball controller to connect to Pokemon Go to collect rewards but you can’t walk around Pokemon Sword/Shield with the pokeball controller and catch Pokemon with it. I think Niantic missed out with keeping it consistent. But the game still remains a lot of fun. If you put a pokemon in your pokeball to connect with Pokemon Go the Pokemon will not level up in this version but you will still collect items.

The game is extremely enjoyable! A highly recommend it to anyone who wants to play the game!

You can buy Pokemon Sword here! (UK Link)
Pokemon Sword – Nintendo Switch

You can buy Pokemon Shield Here! (UK Link)
Pokemon Shield – Nintendo Switch

Pay it Forward!

I truly believe everyone should pay it forward when and if they are able to! The act of kindness is what makes the world go round! So keep spreading kindness and helping out your fellow humans.

Life is not easy for the majority of people alive. It is so rare to have money in your bank account yet so many of you reading this do.

Whether you hold the door open for someone, keep a closing door open on the underground for someone running to make the train, buy someone a cup of coffee, or help find someone a new job it is all important. Make sure you keep doing these kind things for other people. And once it goes full circle and comes back to you it is very beautiful!

I used to be a really positive person. And I have had a rough year trying to find my place in this world. But there is one lovely lady that has done a small favor that has meant more to me than anyone would ever know. So for this I am very grateful as I was starting to lose hope in the world.

Pay it forward, you never know who might really be needed that little extra push, or act of kindness. Love you all!

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris looks like a really fun game. My Tetris 99 community has been introducing the game to me and it looks like a lot of fun! I shall let you know what I think of the game.

You can buy the game below!:

Puyo Puyo Tetris (Nintendo Switch)

Okay! So the great news is that O absolutely love playing this game. At first I thought it was overpriced! But now seeing how many different game modes it has inside I am really happy I have this game. It has been so much fun playing!

I finally have a game I love to play on Nintendo Switch with my friends! I can’t believe it!

Chelsea FC: Stamford Bridge Guided Tour & Museum‎ Review

I recently went to the Chelsea FC: Stamford Bridge Guided Tour & Museum‎ with a friend. We had the London Pass so we decided to get there before the tours started. When we got there we scanned our card and got tickets for the 2nd tour of the day as the 1st tour was already booked up.

We started off in the museum as we had a little time to kill. The museum was filled with so much history about the team. We very much enjoyed it and we liked the interactive bits as well. A member of staff saw my kick and told me I should still play football in which I explained I was a goalkeeper in America.

After this we went for out tour. We were taken around the grounds by two members of staff. We got to sit in the stands in a few locations, see the press room and the locker rooms. They had an interactive bit where you could scan the player’s jersey and a bio would appear. This was engaging and cool!

After the tour you are spit out into a gift shop. Like any typical London attraction. This I didn’t mind but I was extremely disappointed when I found out they don’t have disabled toilets for their customers. I was told to go to a hotel for a handicap toilet by a rude member of staff. He wanted to have a really long conversation as he had nothing to do instead of understand the urgency of my issue. I had to go outside to a toilet in which I did soil myself a bit with some blood. I just find it unacceptable that a store of that size doesn’t have toilets inside or any signs to explain where the toilets are.

I have tweeted a few times but nobody at the stadium or customer service has even got back to me. They have not apologized for the embarrassment I have gone through. And not offered to buy me a new pair of underwear that can absorb the mess. I felt extremely embarrassed and didn’t return back to the store to purchase anything. I only texted my friend I was outside when he was done.

The tour was really well done. The museum was informative. The only negative was a rude member of staff and no disabled toilet in the store. I think there is no reason why they can’t have toilets on both floors in the store for the customers that really need them. It is a bit of poor management if you ask me.

Taking TFL with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Red Flag!

Imagine being in so much pain that you feel a chainsaw on fire is going through your body and that your bowels are going to open at any given moment which you have just about absolutely no control over them. Imagine a bunch off strangers rushing by and bumping into you while this is happening. Imagine going up or down an escalator doing everything to keep your bowels in with the person behind you and in front of you figitting and bumping into you. Imagine the people rushing down the side smacking into you with their body, briefcase, purse or backpack. Can you understand how much more stress this adds to the situation than already feeling like your have explosive bloody diarrhea that you are trying to keep inside your colon. TFL makes the experience a lot more anxiety causing than it should be by not having a toilet accessible to the public.

Taking TFL (Transport For London) with Inflammatory Bowel Disease is an absolute nightmare! There aren’t even public toilets at every station! And they used to charge in some stations for people to use their toilets which should be considered a crime! You would think by 2019 that this wouldn’t be an issue. They have more than enough money that they are raking in to solve this problem!

I’ve been on so many trains in Europe that have toilets on them. I think the underground trains should have toilets on board. Should someone with explosive bloody diarrhea really have to shit their own pants because they have no access to a toilet? Let alone get of a train walk ages during a transfer and still never go past a toilet. I really think it is poor management and laziness that this hasn’t been done.

Also it is disgusting that every station isn’t up to standards for dealing with elderly and other disabilities. My best friend still won’t plan a trip to London as it is not wheelchair friendly on the underground for her. The stations we need don’t offer a elevator for. It is unfair she would need a car and would miss out on the ease that the underground is supposed to bring. I just think London needs to look at the systems Asia has in place to learn how to build a proper train station to suit all of its passengers. I’ve never had these problems in Japan or Hong Kong. Staff always has a ramp ready to get their wheelchair passengers on and off the train. It is really organized and the trains actually run on time over there.

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Becoming Toxic

This year I decided I would become a toxic person. Last year I dealt with so many toxic people that this year I decided to join the club! I wanted to see how it would make me feel to be a mean snotty person.

At first I would feel guilty about loads of things. Things I would say or how I would ignore certain people and act if I didn’t know they were speaking to me. I mean it is kind of like a human experiment that I was doing.

The positive bit for me for becoming toxic is I didn’t waste my time as much as when I wasn’t toxic. When I was genuine and super caring loads of people would go out of their way to make me feel like crap or just use me. So with not being as nice and easy going I didn’t have any of that to worry about. And that has actually been extremely good for me!

I’ve been able to just say what I want without caring if it would even offend the other person. Because so many people would just treat me like shit and not care how it would make me feel when they did it to me. It got easy to have have any feelings about the words once they left my mouth. I could walk down the street and call people Cunts and not give two fucks about it. I’ve had that happen to me so many times here but it seems to be a common word people in London just go to.

I used to feel really bad for Londoners. They don’t have many friends and the ones they have it is because they usually do drugs together to feel better about their lives that they are so ungrateful for in the fist place. The rest of the people that have friends are from school days. And everyone knows that office friends are fake and you can’t trust them. They will do anything to throw you under a bus to get away with it.

The biggest problem that I had was because I was actually nice to people yes you know even males. Men thought I liked them because I wasn’t a bitch. They would always start falling for me when I would just be normally myself.  But now I understand why because people over here don’t give anyone the time of day and are so rude. So I guess me not being rude and taken the time to get to know someone would flag up as different to someone always getting treated like shit. I try not to even make eye contact with people at the gym anymore. There are some people I say hi to but most of all I just don’t bother.  I go to the gym keep my head down do my routine and get out. Before I would acknowledge people and talk to them because that’s what a good person would do. If you see someone you recognize you aren’t supposed to act like that person doesn’t exist.

But for some people that didn’t know I made this change and they didn’t confront me they did talk behind me back. But if they talked to me I wouldn’t be a bitch to them. But I did stop going out of my way of making the effort. Yes, my time is important and so is your time. But people in the gym do weird shit to waste other peoples time. Like they sit on a station on their phone for over 10 minutes while someone could have did their workout on it. And if you ask them to use it they say no I am using it, yes with your lazy ass texting someone that doesn’t even like you. Stand up and text the person and let people have your station.

I started to just walk up and use people’s stations when they were having breaks from them. Especially when I notice they aren’t even focused and their breaks take longer than what I can do my workout in. Some people get mad but they understand that we can switch in-between goes. It slowly clicks for some of them.

Every time a driver tries to run me over when I am in the middle of a crosswalk I will now flip them the bird and cuss at them.  I would not have done that before. I would have said I was sorry even though they were in the wrong. But these people are too scared to get out of their car and fight. A lot of them almost run me over because they are actually on their phones and not looking at the road. And even in rush hour they try to run you down when there is nowhere for them to go. So you can literally just stand their shouting at them in-front of other drivers and make them feel more embarrassed and like a piece of shit.

What I do believe is whatever energy state you are in either negative or positive you can transfer that to the people around you. Don’t get me wrong I was listening to my music on my way to the gym minding my own business. And then a man grabbed me and I was like WTF but then I noticed it was someone I knew very well from the gym. So I took off my headphones and talked to them and said sorry. Normally I would probably be the first to recognize them and say hello. But because I only try to get to the gym as fast as I can now walking around all the lost tourists stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. If I see an older person looking at me I still smile at them and they always smile back. I never know how much contact they have with people anymore.

But I mean I haven’t become super toxic. Especially not compared to the people I’ve been around that are.  I don’t even compare to their level. Just made a few slight changes to see how it changes my life and the lives of others around me. It has been more about me not wasting my time on people that never even met me half way to begin with. Some people have already had all these walls from earlier years. But me, it took my longer, and that’s okay.

I love the fact that I am not being used anymore. Nobody is asking to hang out with me for me to buy them food or buy them stuff at the mall. I’ve always been a giver because I want people to be happy and I know life is hard. But I had to think what those people have done for me in return. Even my hubby always so I do way too much for people that don’t deserve it. I am finally understanding everything he has meant by that.

Period Underwear! Yay or Nay!?

Calling all women, ladies and teens!!!!!! Have any of you tried period underwear? It is supposed to absorb your flow so you don’t have to wear tampons, cups, pads, etc. I first thought that is pretty gross it is just going to sit there all day but I thought I might try these for the night. I am tired of waking up to a blood bath down there and I absolutely don’t want to wear a tampon and have to wake up in the middle of the night to change it. So please give me your feedback if you have tried them and any recommendations!


Dec 8, 2019 Update: I have tried these for sleeping in! I am a huge fan! No mess to wake up in!