Pokemon Sword & Shield is Awesome!


(Image by: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Sword_and_Shield)

Pokemon Sword and Shield are awesome!!!! I have gone with the sword version as a friend has gone with the shield version!

The game play through is a lot of fun and because I haven’t played Pokemon for a while there are a lot of new Pokemons to me. I absolutely love playing raids with my friends. It is so nice to play with my friends all over the world!

The only bit I was sad about is that they didn’t keep the pokeball interactive from my Pokemon Lets go Pikachu/Eevee game. You can use the pokeball controller to connect to Pokemon Go to collect rewards but you can’t walk around Pokemon Sword/Shield with the pokeball controller and catch Pokemon with it. I think Niantic missed out with keeping it consistent. But the game still remains a lot of fun. If you put a pokemon in your pokeball to connect with Pokemon Go the Pokemon will not level up in this version but you will still collect items.

The game is extremely enjoyable! A highly recommend it to anyone who wants to play the game!

You can buy Pokemon Sword here! (UK Link)
Pokemon Sword – Nintendo Switch

You can buy Pokemon Shield Here! (UK Link)
Pokemon Shield – Nintendo Switch

Chelsea FC: Stamford Bridge Guided Tour & Museum‎ Review

I recently went to the Chelsea FC: Stamford Bridge Guided Tour & Museum‎ with a friend. We had the London Pass so we decided to get there before the tours started. When we got there we scanned our card and got tickets for the 2nd tour of the day as the 1st tour was already booked up.

We started off in the museum as we had a little time to kill. The museum was filled with so much history about the team. We very much enjoyed it and we liked the interactive bits as well. A member of staff saw my kick and told me I should still play football in which I explained I was a goalkeeper in America.

After this we went for out tour. We were taken around the grounds by two members of staff. We got to sit in the stands in a few locations, see the press room and the locker rooms. They had an interactive bit where you could scan the player’s jersey and a bio would appear. This was engaging and cool!

After the tour you are spit out into a gift shop. Like any typical London attraction. This I didn’t mind but I was extremely disappointed when I found out they don’t have disabled toilets for their customers. I was told to go to a hotel for a handicap toilet by a rude member of staff. He wanted to have a really long conversation as he had nothing to do instead of understand the urgency of my issue. I had to go outside to a toilet in which I did soil myself a bit with some blood. I just find it unacceptable that a store of that size doesn’t have toilets inside or any signs to explain where the toilets are.

I have tweeted a few times but nobody at the stadium or customer service has even got back to me. They have not apologized for the embarrassment I have gone through. And not offered to buy me a new pair of underwear that can absorb the mess. I felt extremely embarrassed and didn’t return back to the store to purchase anything. I only texted my friend I was outside when he was done.

The tour was really well done. The museum was informative. The only negative was a rude member of staff and no disabled toilet in the store. I think there is no reason why they can’t have toilets on both floors in the store for the customers that really need them. It is a bit of poor management if you ask me.

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for the Neighborville Review

So I was so hyped up about the new PVZ! I have been a fan for a long time! But I have to say that with this new game I feel great disappointment. I am looking to return or resell my game as the servers for online co-op-multiplayer are complete and utter shit. I can play online alright single player but the whole reason I was looking forward to this game was to play with my partner. But the game/servers just can’t keep up and we have been very frustrated and disappointing in the game. Also, the spawn points are too far back. And it just looks weird when the characters run as they lean back but just looks like a lazy attempt or someone who was poor at graphics trying to do this. The game isn’t as smooth as I would expect and can become choppy when there is a lot going on in the game. Often times you don’t even know where you are being hit from other players. I think they could have done a lot better but I feel they just remade a worse version of a game they already made.

The Joys of Tetris 99!

If you haven’t played Tetris 99 and you love Tetris you better get on it! The community is extremely supportive and encouraging! They also do a stream sniping type thing to make it really engaging where everyone can press start at the same time as Nintendo Switch lacks games being played with friends.

You might wonder what is different about Tetris 99 from other Tetris games.. well there are 99 people playing against each-other. When you clear a line or lines that garbage is sent to another player! You can target who gets the garbage or just have it sent out randomly!

After 186 tries I finally got my first win in Tetris 99! Some people takes thousand of tries to get their first win so I am extremely proud of myself for finally reaching my first in!

Tetris 99 Win

If you love this game or any other Tetris games then please let me know! Aso, let me know when did you finally get your first win!?

I woke up feeling great!

I woke up feeling great this morning! I’ve been sick over the last few weeks. and I’ve been stressed out with certain situations. And I was becoming a bit of a bitch saying I don’t like living in London as I am homesick!

But today I felt energised when I woke up! I didn’t wake up and feel fatigued and I didn’t feel depressing! I think I cause my own depression! Too much thinking and less action will do that to you.

I made it to the gym today. I crushed my workout. And I returned a lost £1 coin to the gym as it was jammed in a locker. Hopefully the person gets it back as I know there are a lot of poor people int he area.

I bagged the leaves in my yard/garden. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but since I live in a London flat I don’t like going in my yard/garden as my neighbors above me can see me. I miss America when I can be outside and nobody sees me. But my neighbors work from home and literally never leave the house.

I also did the dishes which I know my husband really appreciated. I try to do as many as I can but we have a funny sink and it fills with water fast and has poor drainage.

My husband is collecting a table and chairs for our garden. We have lived here for 2 years and haven’t done much with the space. So we are trying to change that this year. I hope I will go outside more but my neighbor is always saying how she doesn’t like Americans to her partner. So it puts me off from enjoying my space that I pay for.

My cat Harley has been super cute today. I put a video of her on TikTok!

Also I got to explain why I love twitch streaming to someone.

I can’t wait for my husband to come home and see I did the yard/garden. And that I washed the dishes. And that I cleared a path for him to get the table and chairs outside.

But I decided to stop at this point. I don’t want to overdue it. And I also feel productive writing a blog post. Blogging makes me happy. I like expressing myself. I like helping people. I wasn’t sure where my blogging would be going when I originally started. But I guess I kind of write about anything and everything. People are always going through something and more of a range I have the more I can help people.

Anyways thanks for reading my blog! I am always really appreciative of everyone who stops by. I love that you do and I also enjoy getting back to your comments! So thanks you!

Annoyed with my London life.

First of all when I moved to London it was for love. I had no interest in coming here for whatever any other person comes here for you know like uni or it might be cool to move here. I came for love not because I actually liked British culture and shit like that. I really don’t know why Europeans come here and put up with the shit here. Well yeah they come for work but there is absolutely no other reason for anyone to actually want to move to this place I truely believe London is a shit hole.You can’t even walk down a street in London without man slamming happening. At least in Asia people respect others enough to not walk into them. They are aware of their space and other peoples space. But in England this is not true everyone thinks that he or she is the most important person on the sidewalk. They don’t move over they just walk into you. This even happens in the grocery store. And I am not even speaking about a busy grocery store. There could be one other person in the aisle with you and they walk into you and don’t walk around you. They obviously don’t speak to say excuse me they usually bump into you until you almost fall over and after they might say they are sorry. No they are not fucking sorry! The person saw that you were there and could have easily gone around but chose not too! They wanted to be an asshole as they have nothing better going on in their lives!I was extremely intimidated when I moved to London to look for work. London is such a world class city as I was coming from the middle of nowhere. But what I learned is it is impossible to find people who are truthful, empathetic and good people. Everyone seems to have their own agenda of how to throw someone under the bus to fuck them over so they can get ahead. Nobody wants to work together to get ahead unless it means they are trying to fuck over someone else. I have definitely seen this happen in offices. Groups of people will even pick someone they want to get fired and gang up on them. Then once that person is gone the group will move on to their next victim.Every office I have ever worked in the English people have been racist I mean xenophobic towards me for being American. And they easily get away with it. But it has extended to even the Europeans being racist towards me at later jobs.I really hope that London reached its peak and is on a decline for a long time. If Brexit were to ruin the city I would actually be happy for that to happen. So many English people complain that foreigners are taking their jobs when they themselves don’t want to work. They like to get a job and go on sick leave for 6 months instead of just quitting the job. They love taking advantage of this and I have seen it at every company I have worked at. But they never complain about themselves, they never see they are the problem.I hope a lot of people leave the city and I hope a lot of businesses go out of business! I hope they go through something big and bad enough that they will learn to regret everything that they have done. I really want to see their economy take a hit and the people to lose their self confidence and pride of where they are from. I hope the English will feel embarrassed for how they treat people who move here.If I could take all of the tourists from London and divert them to my city I would. I would love that money to come into my city. My city has plenty of immigrants that work there as well and I am so appreciative of them. Londoners travel the world and shit on every place they go, because it isn’t London. They think they live in the best place in the world and are incapable of appreciating the lives of people from other countries. Hey England just so you know Denmark is doing it all better than you!I am proud of where I come from. People in my city have to work their ass off to get what they want they don’t get handed everything on a silver plate like Londoners.The NHS is another thing that English people do not appreciate! They abuse the system so much! And I am not talking about the average Joe here. I am talking about the rich people of London. They are basically raping the NHS and than the average Joe is getting fucked over by it.So the rich people will scream and complain and cry and throw every single temper tantrum to get what they want. They will do this at all levels to the reception, to nurses, to doctors, to practice managers, etc,… So they complain to get a private referral so they can get seen faster. But when they see that doctor they don’t want to pay the private prices for their medication. Why should they be punished for being rich anyways. So instead of paying the private prices for their medication that they wanted for being special to have a faster time with a private doctor they go back to the NHS. They cause all kinds of hell at the NHS to get their private prescription put on the NHS. They are all of a sudden not rich enough to pay for their medicine. So the NHS GP’s don’t want any complaints on their websites and Google Maps. So they will prescribe the medicine on the NHS which comes out of each NHS Surgeries budget. So this means there is less money in the pool at that specific surgery to fund other patients. So average Joe will come in there needing an expensive medication for their disease but the NHS GP will have to prescribe a cheaper and less effective medicine for that person knowing that they need a better medicine. But they have to prescribe this medicine as the money they could have went to a more expensive drug for this person is being used by the rich person who cries that they don’t want to accept responsibility to pay for their private prescription and be an adult. But to the average Joe they would not know this as they have not worked in the NHS.The people in this country do not respect the staff of the NHS. They talk to them like they are basically 3. I feel bad for these doctors who have given up so much time of their life to study and prepare themselves to treat people to make them better that are treated like this. I feel bad for all NHS staff dealing with these filthy people who have no respect. There is a fine line between understanding someone is suffering and being empathetic to them and knowing someone is just being a jackass to get what they want.I think that if the NHS is going to keep on that everyone needs to put at least 2 years of work there. I think the younger generation needs to work there to be more understanding of the whole system. They need to be on the front lines so they don’t turn into an asshole treating the staff like shit. And they need to work their so they understand how the system really does work so they can be the ones to improve it.Seriously the people working for the CCG are fucking assholes! They are making so many rules and hoops for doctors to jump through that it is starting to ruin shit. And these people in the CCG are getting paid the big bucks! Maybe the CCG should take a pay cut so more money can actually go into the NHS to fund these patients who are sick!With everything going on in Hong Kong I really hope the people there start to turn on the English people. No not make them horny but to hold them accountable and to start being more of an ass to them! After all England was like yo China here is Hong Kong! They should have let the people of Hong Kong decide what to do with their own country. So I really hope that England becomes a very dramatic part of the situation as they need to accept some responsibility and should be helping to make things right faster than they are currently doing so.A lot of people joke about Brexit and how it keeps getting postponed. And the running joke is that it is English people working on the situation. Because they are extremely lazy people and never actually get anything done. All the hard work is done by the foreigners and since the foreigners can’t have those positions nothing is getting done. England is currently the joke of the world with the Brexit situation!——————————————————————————–
Because I am an American people from England automatically look at me and think of me as a piece of shit.I really hope America outworks England in so many ways. To prove that they are a bigger badder country. Not by causing wars but by being a badass motherfucker setting great examples. It sucks that we have Trump as our leader and he is putting kids in cages! How messed up is that. Making his friends rich in pprivate prisons and detention centers. But I hope whoever comes next can start getting this country on track. I understand it isn’t that America hates immigrants they just hate when they come over illegally. There is always a right way and a wrong way to do something. But our country wants to do the same as the British people with their little European pets. They want them to come over and pay their taxes.As an American I can say America is not the best country in the world. I fully accept that it is not. And I believe that greed is contributing to this problem. The people don’t have a strong enough voice against the elite, at least they haven’t figured the correct way to use their voice to get their government to do what is needed for the country. You don’t see people protesting in as high numbers as England.I fully agree school teachers should be paid more if they are going to provide a good education for kids. They aren’t babysitters they are teaching the future generations.I think America should have a type of NHS but needs to learn from the mistakes of the ones that currently exist and improve on them. They can keep their private healthcare for the rich people who want it but need a NHS for the people that can’t afford it.America also needs to improve transportation between major cities. I always get asked why Americans don’t travel much. But let me tell you I am once again going on another European holiday that will cost cheaper than traveling to other larger cities in Britain. And the cost of the entire trip for 2 people will be cheaper than someone trying to fly to the next state in America. I wonder how much the European travel industry will change for England with Brexit happening.I feel more than enough that the citizens were not educated enough about Brexit before voting. I still feel like nobody even knows what the fuck is going to happen still.I also find it Hilarious that Boris Johnson is the man running the show now. Your Trump equivalent is here bitches! I know.. nobody can be as bad as Trump but hey the lady I mean Theresa May that wanted the role quit because she couldn’t do it! (Bless her sweet little soul for quitting a toxic job and getting some much needed self-care!)Also I feel bad for Sadiq Khan as I believe Londoners think he has more power than he actually does. Instead of making the big decisions he is making a lot of little decisions. It will be interesting to see the ripple effect from all of the tiny decisions. Sometimes I think he is too good for the city and people don’t like him as he is an easy target because he appears to be genuine. Just remember that Sadiq grew up in a poor family and look at how far he has come. If he has gotten this far in life then there isn’t an excuse for the rest of us. Boris Johnson was born in America which makes me laugh really hard at the situation.——————————————————————————–
I put this on a scheduled post but right now I am not even going to give it anymore time. I just wanted to feel English by going on a rant and not actually doing anything about it! I am a nobody after-all!‐——————————————————————I’ve been in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last few days. The people are so polite here it reminds me of being back in America. Everyone here smiles which is so refreshing. And they know how to go out and relax. I think they pay 50% to taxes and they have free healthcare as well as that is where a chunk of their tax money goes. Their public transport has been really nice as well. Not looking forward to go back to London. London as it is overcrowded and people are external rude and extremely mentally ill. London is even making me crazy dealing with all of its bullshit and double standards.

Hey Again!

Hey girl! I know we haven’t talked in a while. But I want you to know I haven’t forgotten about you. Every day I am hoping you are having a nice day and good things are happening. I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. Because I haven’t. I am so proud of you. Remember you are enough and don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Just make yourself happy because nobody makes it out of life alive.