Super Mario Maker 2 – Speed Jump: Code: 0WR-3JN-DYG

So I have finally created my very first level on Super Mario Maker 2! I would like if you would all try it out! It is a bit tricky! You need to collect all of the coins. And it is a speed run level. But you also need to figure out where to slow down so you don’t jump to your….! Hahaha! I think after a few attempts you should be able to get the hang of it! So proud of making this level. Also, glad a friend and a viewer have tried it!

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Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

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Super Mario Maker 2 – Nintendo Switch



Geek Store – Hull, UK

I had an absolute blast today. I went to Geek Store which opened just 3 weeks ago. What is so cool about it is that it is owned by the creator of numskull! I’ve always seen the cool products in stores such as Game but now I can go directly to the source!

The store is organized very well. The staff are extremely nice. They didn’t rush me and took the time to answer all of my questions! It is awesome to go to a store and meet people with the same passions as yourself! There are loads of items on the website and more are always being created / developed! Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

I decided to go home with a new Crash Bandicoot keychain!

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Crash Bandicoot Crash Team Racing, Official Merchandise – CTR Nitro-Fueled Crate Keychain Collectible

@geekstoredotcom @numskulldesigns

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So it’s 4:30am and I have just read the first 62 pages of his book. And I am loving it! I usually need a break from reading at 20 pages. But it has been really easy to read and interesting.

I have to say I always felt I lived my life differently than others. As I feel I voice my true opinion more. This book is just encouraging me to be even more of myself.

I have 1 complication in my life right now. But because of this book I am going to work around it. This book is telling me to be me so I’m not going to be held back anymore. Maybe this complication is someone else’s complication after all being projected onto me

So from here on out. I am going to give myself goals to take back my life and continue on my journey to follow my passions!

I know what needs to be done but I can’t let other people’s fears hold me back. That is their fear and their problem. Life is literally ticking away at this very moment. I don’t want the regrets of not going for it and not trying.

I know I am a hard worker. I’ve outlasted and outworked everyone I’ve ever worked with in the conditions we were put through. And I have been efficient with a great attitude! So if I can slave away for others then I need to slave away for myself!

I have so much I want to share with the world! I’ve always been creative but my problem was having a voice that is listened to seriously. So I am going to make some waves with this!

Earlier this year I started steaming on twitch! And I didn’t realise how much goes into it other than gaming and connecting with my audience. I absolutely love my followers and glad I can be personal with them. I love that we trust each other and have an open and genuine relationship. It’s a wonderful feeling.

The side of streaming I didn’t know was the branding. I enjoyed learning to use streamlabs with a capture card and green screen. And I love working with a designer to bring my vision to life with my logo, badges and emoticons. Next is my GIFS! I am also in talks with a musician for some bits as well!

Doing this has made me feel so empowered! I’ve been teaching myself or I’ve been learning from other streamers.

I really want to have a shirt made for me for my stream. So this will be a new goal for me to find a company that can make my image on a nice quality shirt!

Before I moved to England I used to network a lot. I knew people that did everything. But now since I moved I know nobody. It seem that once again I will be going to get myself out meeting people and networking again.

Find people that have passions that set their souls on fire! That have similar interests and we can help each other work together!

I will probably add more to this once I read more if his book. But just had to get this written down!

The link is posted below if you would also like to buy this great book!

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too

Durdle Door

Durdle Door wins my heart! I feel I have seen a lot of England but haven’t been impressed by too much of it other than the lake district. But Durdle Door won my heart this weekend!

It was a 3 hour drive from central-west London. Traffic wasn’t too bad either as we set off early! So glad I didn’t go to Brighton Beach like usual!

If you plan to visit Durdle Door it is well worth it! First of all you will be walking 20 minutes to get to the beach down a kind of steep hill. (Remember you have to walk up this when you leave!) So make sure you wear comfy shoes for the hike! You can pack other shoes for the beach! I took my water shoes and they definitely helped with walking on the little rocks/ pebbles!

Make sure you use the toilet at the top before you go down! Just try to go even if you don’t have to go! Best to empty your tank before this journey!

Pack a backpack with food and drinks! We made sandwiches and froze water bottles the night before! And if it is going to be nice weather take sunscreen! I will tell you hardly anyone used it and they all look like lobsters now! So glad I had mine with me!

When you walk down the path splits. So you get a choice of two beaches. Both with different views that are absolutely stunning!

I felt like I was at a beach in a different country! I definitely didn’t feel like I was in England anymore! It was absolutely beautiful!!!

I really liked that it was more of a family beach too. There weren’t people getting extremely wasted that can’t handle their alcohol acting up and causing problems! So this is something I really appreciated!

I hope you enjoy the photos I took!

Stansted Airport Review – Avoid. Do not use this airport!

I finally have the strength to share my experience. I wrote it when it happened end of last year but was not brave enough to share it. But here it is.

I had the absolute worse experience of my life today. I have a serious medical condition called inflammatory bowel disease. I did not get much sleep as had an early flight. One of the unfortunate symptoms of my disease is explosive diarrhea which I experienced in the toilet before security. When I went through security the gems on my jeans set off the detector. The person checking me was pressing her hand into my side very hard where my colon has inflammation to which I tried numerous times to explain to her not to touch so hard in places where my disease affects my body but I was so scares and feared for my life I couldn’t get the words out. She ignored me and talked over me. It was extremely painful due to her being ignorant, unprofessional and extremely rough. She then touched all over my breasts when it was my jeans that set off the alarm. When I tried to ask her why she touched my boobs when my jeans set off the machine she said she had the job for 14 years and knew what she was doing. She was hurting me physically during the pat-down, verbally by talking over me and not trying to explain what was going on, and has emotionally hurt me very bad. I cried or the next 2 hours because I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable with this process because of my medical condition. I wasn’t offered anyone else when the lady could tell I felt extremely uncomfortable. I feel she hurt me on purpose as she knows she can get away with it as she is a person in power in this situation. She has caused me severe pain and suffering. I pray this will never happen to anyone again with inflammatory bowel disease or they can have an accident. She is lucky I had just gone to the toilet or I would have been soaked in diarrhea because she was very rough. If she has 14 years experience she should be calm and explain things better. I never want to fly from this airport ever again. My holiday that was supposed to be fun has now been ruined and I keep getting pain on my side from where she was trying to push me to the side. I have worn these jeans countless times at numerous airports with no problems at all. I believe the staff member who performed the search is highly insensitive, incompetent and needs a serious review of her actions. I understand that certain security measures are in place which I always do what I can to accommodate however the woman who performed the search on me totally abused her position of power in this situation which resulted in me being hurt physically, emotionally and ruined what was to be a happy holiday. I was so upset that I even forgot my hat which has great sentimental value to me in the terminal because I was in some much shock and emotional distress which I left on a seat before I went to my gate. There is no type of compensation or resolution that can healed the damage that has been caused by this one member of staff of yours. And I will try not to book any of my travel arrangements through this airport ever again.

The airport basically said they person did their job correctly (even though they caused me lots of pain and squeezed me extremely hard.) And they said I complied with her but if I didn’t I wasn’t going to get to fly and go on my trip so I was forced to (I was screaming inside for help as I felt so unsafe and uncomfortable and taken advantage of). I just thought they would have been more empathetic towards me and they weren’t. Even other staff members said it was the worst airport ever.

I just hope nobody has an experience like this. I still suffer from flashbacks.

On the other note since this I have flown quite a bit through other airports and when patted down it was light pats. No squeezing of the breasts or buts and no moving them in circles. So I clearly don’t think my experience at Stansted followed the guidelines. The also didn’t even help me out with my hat either. Every chance they had they made my situation worse.