The Joys of Tetris 99!

If you haven’t played Tetris 99 and you love Tetris you better get on it! The community is extremely supportive and encouraging! They also do a stream sniping type thing to make it really engaging where everyone can press start at the same time as Nintendo Switch lacks games being played with friends.

You might wonder what is different about Tetris 99 from other Tetris games.. well there are 99 people playing against each-other. When you clear a line or lines that garbage is sent to another player! You can target who gets the garbage or just have it sent out randomly!

After 186 tries I finally got my first win in Tetris 99! Some people takes thousand of tries to get their first win so I am extremely proud of myself for finally reaching my first in!

Tetris 99 Win

If you love this game or any other Tetris games then please let me know! Aso, let me know when did you finally get your first win!?